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Calmare scrambler therapy:
The only FDA approved machine to treat ALL kind of pain ( even pain caused by cancer ) . This device will be the future of pain medicine, and it's exclusive in our clinic.


Manual Manipulation
As a Treatment, osteopathic manipulations attempts to improve joint range of motion and balance tissue and muscle mechanics in order to relieve pain.

There are numerous manipulation techniques that an osteopath may use:

  • Cranial sacral

  • Counter strain

  • High velocity-low amplitude (the classic thrust technique)

  • Muscle energy

  • Myofacial release

Osteopathic manipulations have been known for over 130 years, as the miracle treatment for neck and back pain. It is a non-invasive treatment using manual therapy, 100% safe with absolutely no side effects.

Electro mechanical micro manipulation (Theraflex)
Theraflex machine has been developed by an expert British team and is fast becoming the worldwide benchmark for spinal treatment.

This F.D.A approved machine is substantially more effective than any other spinal treatment and is capable of highly specific and consistently replicated, which cannot be achieved with conventional manual therapy. The Theraflu treatment is gentle, passive and progressive and is designed to fix the underlying problem and not the symptoms of the problem. Best of all, the non-invasive nature of the Theraflu treatment and wide range of settings, means that it can be safely used on people of all age groups.

The Theraflex is being used by top osteopath and in spine clinics in the world. Dr. Adel Rayess is the first osteopath in the Middle East to use this revolutionary machine, achieving with it extraordinary results both in pain and posture treatments.

Spinal decompression therapy (Lordex)
Non-surgical spinal decompression is an FDA Cleared", revolutionary equipment, primarily to treat disc injuries in the low back. This machine uses the traction technique (in an on-off mode) to gently separate the vertebra from each others, creating a vacuum effect inside the targeted discs. This new technology therapy is very effective at treating bulging discs, terminated discs, pinched nerves, sciatica, mediating arm pain and degenerative disc disease.

Low level laser therapy (L.L.L.T)
Also known as cold laser or soft laser (which is totally different from the I.P.L or diode laser) L.L.L.T. is the application of red and near infra-red light over injuries to improve and accelerate 10 times the healing process and it is actually used in all major pain clinics throughout Europe in the U.S.A. Dr. Adel Rayess uses the L.L.L.T. to treat the inflammation fibroses. Created by spinal disc herniations with great success L.L.L.T. is 100% safe with absolutely no side effects and can be used even without protective eye glasses!

Myotherapy is a specific treatment of the fourth muscle layer (the deepest layer) of spinal muscles. This fourth layer is responsible of all back muscle tensions, and it cannot be treated by normal manual therapy. Thus the importance of this kind of therapy, especially all people suffers from muscle tension in the back and neck areas due to high levels of stress caused by the political and economical situations of the country.



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