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•I was diagnosed with two lumbar disc herniations 8 months ago. The pain started in my lower back and went down to my left foot. I couldn’t walk even five steps because the pain was so intense. Doctors couldn’t do surgery because of my numerous health problems and my age (84 years). I couldn’t take anti-inflammatory medication because I have high blood pressure and the pain killers were ineffective. Pure and simple, I was left to die in my bed. I lost all hope in life. I heard about Dr. Adel Rayess from a friend and told her to take an urgent appointment. He was very caring and told me not to worry and that I will walk again soon. After a few sessions using several treatment methods and machines, I could walk again. Now I feel like a new man. I still see him once a month for maintenance. He saved my life.
Francois ( 84 years)

•I was in the Ain Alak bus that exploded in a terrorist incident back in 2006. I was lucky enough to survive but not without a high price. Afterwards, I had severe neck and back pain that forbade me to sleep at night. Doctors prescribed me so much anti-inflammatory to a point where I got ulcer and couldn’t take anymore. Then I heard of Dr. Adel from friends. He started the treatment with soft manual manipulations and continued with the machines. Long story made short, he changed my life. He’s a miracle maker.
Intissar (Terrorist attack survivor, 30 years)

•I am an engineer that lives and works in Nigeria – Africa. I suffered from agonizing back pain due to a car accident. I heard about Dr. Rayess from a French colleague of mine, who treated his back pain during his vacation in Lebanon a year earlier. I took the plane to Beirut the next day. The secretary of Dr. Rayess was kind enough to give me an urgent appointment the same day I arrived even though his work schedule was fully booked. He did an intensive treatment for 8days on my back. It’s my last session today (9th day) and I feel great. Thank you Dr. Adel from all my heart.
Mazen (Engineer)

•I have an advance case of spinal arthritis (74 years) and suffered agonizing pain in the whole back area to a certain point where I preferred to die. Dr. Adel treated me with his machine (Theraflex) I started to get better after the second session. Dr. Adel is very friendly and always asked me if I had my kind of pain while treating me. I replied him always “an hour of pain and not pain every hour”. But the treatment was painless. I also enjoyed the myotherapy treatment as well. I feel much better now and starting to love life again. Thank you Dr. Adel for making an old lady’s life pain free.
Samira (74 years)

•I have an advance case of spinal arthritis (74 years) and suffered agonizing pain in the whole back area to a certain point where I preferred to die. Dr. Adel treated me with his machine (Theraflex) I started to get better after the second session. Dr. Adel is very friendly and always asked me if I had my kind of pain while treating me. I replied him always “an hour of pain and not pain every hour”. But the treatment was painless. I also enjoyed the myotherapy treatment as well. I feel much better now and starting to love life again. Thank you Dr. Adel for making an old lady’s life pain free.
Samira (74 years)

•People always criticized my posture since I was a child. I had rounded shoulders, my neck was always down. This caused problems to my profession. I am a singer, and was always embarrassed with my posture when singing on stage. Dr. Adel did the aesthetic posture treatment to me for a period of 4 months. My posture got so much better, that the press stated to say that the reason I have an excellent posture now is that I did surgery!!! The media say all kind of weird stories, but the only true thing is that Dr. Adel is a miracle worker.
Faten (40years)

 •I seeked Dr. Adel Rayess to treat my posture. I am a young man who had bad posture. I tried everything: bodybuilding, swimming, specific exercises’ and even I wore a medical corset for 9 months but with no result. Dr. Adel did the aesthetic posture treatment for me the treatment was easy and fun and I could see progress each session and the final result was very impressive, not only I have an excellent posture now, but I am 4cm taller!
Jad (university student, 21 years)

•After months of suffering severe neck pain and numbness down my arm, and several consultations with my family doctor, neurosurgeon and orthopedic surgeon whom ran M.R.I , X-rays and E.M.G test, they all came to the conclusion that only surgery could help my constant pain. The simple thought of having surgery to my neck made me very afraid. I heard about Dr. Rayess from several friends. He started treatment on the first consultation. Within 2 weeks from my initial visit, I was completely pain free. Imagine that without Dr. Rayess’s help, I could have done major surgery that may or may not have helped me. Thank you Dr. Adel.
Pierrot (Hairdresser, 30 years)

•My kyphosis (rounded shoulders) started at the age of 13. I was sick and tired of hearing people telling to stand and walk straight. Plus I had pain in the whole back area. Dr. Rayess, treated me with the theraflex machine as well as other therapies / manipulations and myotherapy and gave me an exercise program to do. Not only did my posture improve dramatically, but my height increased 6cms.
Elie (student, 20 years)

•After 15 months in severe pain in my low back (due to a bilateral disc herniation in L4 – L5 which is a very rare case), I got my life back! Every day activities such as walking, sitting, standing and driving, left me in agony. Now I run, swim and drive easily. My only regret is not seeking out Dr. Rayess earlier.
Helena (Journalist, 32 years)

•I was very Skeptical of osteopathic treatment until the results were proven. Dr Adel Rayess has done a masterful job demonstrating the true benefits of his practice through the work he has done on my spine. No more neck and back pain and my posture now are better than when I was 20 years old.
Toni (Electro mechanical engineer, 48 years)

•I fell down on the stairs, injuring my back to the point where I was crawling to the bathroom, this went on for over 10 days. My wife insisted that I go to Dr. Adel Rayess. Having giving other osteopath services a try in the past, due to a chronic back problem, I was a little skeptical to say the least. After explaining the situation, I was seen immediately. After my first session, I was able to walk, not crawl to the bathroom. Within a few sessions, my back pain was completely gone. My faith in osteopathy has been completely restored.
Elie (Carpenter, 35 years)

•I suffered from neck, shoulder, thoracic and low back pain since I was 13 years, from my scoliosis. Plus I had a big lump in my back. My life was pure heal. I couldn’t wear tight clothes, like my girlfriends (because it showed my lump) and had constant pain day and night. Dr. Adel worked on my spine with his miraculous theraflex machine for 4 months. Not only I am pain free now but also my lump practically disappeared.
Evelyne (Beautician, 32 years)

•I suffered from my ankle for more than 30 years. Used to limp while waking and that caused me a lot of problems since I am also a doctor. I wasn’t convinced first when I saw Dr. Adel. He looks pretty young (does he have experience?? I thought!!) But after a few sessions of manipulative techniques I started to see huge improvements. Now I am 90% better and can walk straight without limping. But he doesn’t allow me to wear high heels for life.
Dr Leila ( Clinical psychologist, 58 years)

•I work in a top hospital in Beirut as a chief accountant. I had lumbar pain with severe sciatica. The M.R.I showed a big disc herniation in L5-51, and five orthopedists recommended surgery and didn’t advise me to do osteopathic treatment. They said it was useless in my case. Dr. Rayess also recommended surgery when he saw the M.R.I but I refused and told him that he was my only hope. He agreed to start the treatment but he would stop it if we didn’t see any improvement after the 3rd session. On my third session I was 50% better and now I can say that I am 92% better. What can I say, I’m an accountant.
Ayman (Accountant, 32 years)

•If someone told me 4 months ago that I would one day walk straight and that my khyphosis will disappear and also that my height will increase 3 cms, I would have told him to keep dreaming. But in fact, after 4 months of aesthetic posture treatment with Dr. Adel Rayess, this so-called dream came true. People see me now and can’t believe their eyes. Thanks Dr. Adel.
Nader (Restaurant owner, 33 years)

•I was suffering from headaches for 3 years now and doctors told me that it was migraine. Sometimes I would hit my head on the wall because the pain was so intense. Miraculously, 3 sessions with Dr. Adel cured me and this by treating my jaw and neck.
Grace (University student, 20 years)

•I have seen various different specialists to help me with my back. Dr. Rayess is the only specialist to have really addressed the root cause of the problem. My back pain is a thing of the past.
Elias (Hotel Assistant manager, 27 years)

•Ever since my basket ball injury, my knee pain caused problems that would not allow me to work or stand in a normal posture. Now I am able to function properly. I can walk, go to the gym and do all the little things we take for granted and this all with only 3 sessions with Dr. Rayess.
Joe (University student, 18 years)

•I feel blessed to be in Dr. Adel’s care. He is truly committed to his patient’s well being and listens when concerns are shared and offers guidance and explanations. He knows that healing takes place on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Thank you Dr. Adel!
Amelia (Yoga instructor, 32 years)

•I had a very sore back, neck and shoulders for years. I am under a lot of stress from my demanding work and suffered headaches daily. I used to take a lot of pain killers every day. After several sessions with Dr. Rayess I feel like a new man. I highly recommend him.
Raad (Factory owner, 48 years)

•A friend of mine recommended Dr. Rayess after seeing me suffering from my lower back. Last summer, I fell on my back while walking on a wet floor in a restaurant. I was suffering from agonizing pain, and doctors recommended surgery. Dr. Rayess cured me totally after 2 months of treatments, using every session a different technique. He changed my life!
Dory (Jewelry designer, 50 years)

•About 6 months ago, I was faced with issues that were seriously impacting the use of my hands, including numbness and pain in my hands and arms. After having an M.R.I for my neck and E.M.G, I was diagnosed with bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome. Five doctors recommended surgery. After giving the matter much thought, I decided to seek out other options. My sister suggested I make an appointment with Dr. Adel Rayess as he treated her friend for the same problem before. After only five sessions, I have full use of my hands and arms. Simply outstanding work!
Nawal (Bank manager, 51 years)

•I suffered from severe low back pain for years and years. I did all kinds of treatment with no results. I even saw two osteopaths before Dr. Rayess. So when friends recommended him, I told them I don’t want to see a third osteopath, I already saw two before with no results, even the cortisone therapy I did, was useless. The person who recommended Dr. Adel insisted and told me that he would pay for my first session and that I have nothing to lose, so I accepted. Dr. Adel treated me the first time with a special machine called Theraflex. I felt 50% better instantly. It was amazing, I couldn’t believe it. It was like magic. Now after 4months of treatment, I live pain free. Thank you Dr. Adel from all my heart.
Amine (Shop owner, 44 years)

•Dr. Adel is just amazing. My back had felt locked up for years, but after just one treatment with him, I could feel it starting to move again. It has got progressively better each session.
Tony (businessman, 40 years)

•I called Dr. Adel Rayess’s Clinic because I was suffering from migraine headaches and lower back pain for years. The headaches were so severe that it was interfering with my social life and concentration (I was afraid of driving a car) and the low back pain was causing difficulty in walking. I was living on pain killers and anti-inflammatory medication for years. Dr. Adel did a complete evaluation and set me upon a treatment plan. Within 2 sessions, my headaches were relieved and my back pain was much better. The whole treatment took 6 sessions. I can honestly say, I was no longer taking any form of pain medication. There are not enough words to be said for how thankful I am for Dr. Adel Rayess.
Sophie (House wife, 47 years)

•All aspects of my life have improved since I started osteopathy treatments with Dr. Rayess. I am able to do my complete workout again, which includes Jogging, weight lifting and abdominal work without any pain!!! Plus my energy level has certainly increased.
Chermine (Business woman, 52 years)

•I am on vacation here in Lebanon for a month and was suffering from frozen shoulder syndrome in my left side. 3 sessions with Dr. Adel and I can move my shoulder again. I wish I could stay longer in Lebanon to do two more sessions to be 100% cured.
Luigi (Italian Tourist)

•I feel better 200%. Dr. Rayess was my life saver. No more neck pain.
James (American Business man)

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