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Why should your posture be important for you?

Besides what bad posture is causing you health problems such as neck and back pain, headaches, abdominal pain, it’s also responsible for your low self confidence and insecurity in your appearance (no matter how good looking you are, if your posture isn’t matching your facial beauty, it will destroy your overall looks) In an age where beauty and physical appearance plays an important role in our lives; where plastic surgery and orthodontist have made drastic changes to millions of men and women around the world; one thing remains missing which is posture beauty.

Millions of people around the world are suffering from bad posture that is hurting their physical image. How many of you have done several plastic surgeries and paid thousands to get the famous Hollywood smile and yet you still look at the mirror without liking what you see!

  • Are you missing out job opportunities and the taller person is getting it?
  • Are you attracting fewer mates and having less satisfying relationships?
  • Are you considered short because of your bad posture that is taking minimum 5cms of your height?
  • Not achieving your professional dream by becoming a manager, a C.E.O, a model, an actor, an athlete?
  • Feeling insecure about your posture, because you have rounded shoulders, so you always buy dark clothes to hide it!
  • You always buy push-up bras because your breast is flabby because of your rounded shoulders?

Thousands of negative things can be blamed due to having bad posture but the solution is very simple. “Esthetic Posture Treatment”.
Unlike plastic surgery where you relatively risk your life going under the surgeon’s knife with general anesthesia, Esthetic posture treatment is a non-invasive treatment using a combination of manual medicine techniques, but the major part of the treatment’s worldwide success is due to the use of the Theraflex machine. Posture treatment has been done by physiotherapist, chiropractors and osteopaths for more than a hundred years with good results. But it was only a few years ago after inventing the Theraflex spinal manipulation machine in the united kingdom, that posture treatment has become 25 times more efficient than before, and we started to have phenomenal results in postures.

That is why you see lately all the movie starts and world singers having exceptional good postures mashing along their facial beauty and fitness shape. But the even better news, is that, when you do Esthetic posture treatment, you are not only treating your looks, but you are also treating your physical health (by Straitening the spine you will have better health since all your spinal never will no longer have any compression) and your mental health (your self confidence will be higher than ever and you will no longer be shy from your posture or your height).

Here are some frequently asked questions that patients always ask in this subject:

1. What is a posture?

Posture is the body position. Good posture cannot be defined by a rigid formula, it is usually considered to be the natural and comfortable bearing of the body in normal, healthy persons. This means that in a standing position the body is naturally but not rigidly, straight and that in a sitting position the back is comfortably straight. Good standing and sitting posture helps promote normal functioning of the body’s organs and increase the efficiency of the muscles, thereby minimizing fatigue.

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2. How many types of bad postures there is?

There are four kinds of bad postures

a.       Sway back posture

b.      Lumbar bordosis

c.       Thoracic kyphosis

d.      Forward head

3. What are the causes of bad postures?

There are several causes for bad posture; we are going to concentrate on the major 5 which are:


a.       Foot abnormalities:

Once foot arches collapse and ankles turns inward, they stop supporting your body effectively. This process is called hyperpronation. Because of this, knees often rotate inward, stomach and buttocks protrude and shoulders curve forward, bringing your head forward with them. These changes throw your body off balance. Over time, muscles, ligaments and joints deteriorate as well


b.      Slouching:

Whether slouching results from laziness, bad habits or even lifestyle change, it often leads to bad posture. Slouching shifts the body’s center of balance by allowing muscles to relax to the point where they become incapable of supporting the body properly as they once did. Shifting out of the slouching position becomes painful because muscles are already fatigued.

What’s worst, back pain can be a lifelong, debilitating problem that cannot be fixed without medical intervention.

c.       Lifestyle:

People who work at a desk all day put themselves at risk of developing bad posture, especially those who sit in front of a computer for hours.

d.      Malnutrition:

People who eat “Junk Food”, after suffer from malnutrition due to scarcity of natural and healthy resources. Without adequate nutrition, bones and muscle tissue cannot develop a good posture.


e.      Weight:

School age children carry heavy backpacks that impose weight and stress to the spine, leading to bad posture.


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4. What are the problems occurring from bad posture?

Bad posture can make a person look tired, unattractive, ill or even older than they actually are. It takes away one’s self-confidence, affecting everything from career opportunities to successful relationships. Even worse, bad postures leads to many health problems, including back, neck and shoulder pain, energy loss, even depression and anxiety. Bad posture, when unaddressed, also makes you prone to injuries.

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5. Can body building help poor or bad posture?

In some cases it does, but in general bodybuilding exercises will fix the bad posture, making it very difficult to be treated. So if you suffer from bad posture, seek professional medical help before you start any kind of bodybuilding program.

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6. Does wearing a corset help to treat bad posture?

Regardless of what the general public thinks, wearing a corset only makes thing worst than they already are! The corset will make the spine muscles weaker since it is doing the work of fixating the spine in an upright position, so the muscles will become atrophied and your posture will turn from bad to worst.

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7. Is there any type of excises that will enhance a good posture, if someone doesn’t want or cannot afford professional medical help?

Yoga and Pilates, as well as swimming regularly, can help enhancing your posture, but their effect is very mild comparing to aesthetic posture treatment results.

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8. What is esthetic posture treatment?

Esthetic posture treatment is a combination of 3 treatments: Aesthetic, Theraflex and myotherapy, as well a custom made exercise program (4 to 5 exercises maximum). This world class treatment is only done in the Middle East by Dr. Adel Rayess. The aim of the treatment is to straighten the spine, therefore eliminating the back lump rounded shoulders and the forward head position.

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9. If someone suffers from back and neck pain, can he still do the Esthetic Posture Treatment?

Of course, the treatment will then be done in 2 phases. First phase will be to deal with the causes of pain. The patient will be asked to do spinal x-rays to determine if there are any organic pathologies affecting the spine. Adequate treatment will be done to address the source of the problem. Using whatever medical technique necessary (osteopathic manual therapy, PBK electro therapy, low level laser therapy…) When the pain is gone, then starts phase 2 of the treatment which is posture treatment.

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10. Doesn’t other osteopath or physiotherapist also treats posture problems?

Yes they do, but no one in the Middle East besides Dr. Adel Rayess has the Theraflex machine, which consists 80% of the aesthetic posture treatment. Actually, there are only 60 machines in the world and most of them are in Europe (they are rare because they are very expensive to buy!). The results without the Theraflex machine will be very week and mild.

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11. Is the treatment painful?

Not at all, actually it is very important that the treatment must be painless or else the patient’s muscles will do a self defense mechanism and their posture will not improve. After your first two sessions, you may feel a little tired for 24 hours but it will disappear if you take two tablets of paracetamol.

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12. How much time does the treatment takes?

It depends on each case: Age, Weight, and Muscle density, health problems… but normally it takes between 2 to 5 months, with a frequency of one session per week.Top of page

13. Can everyone do the aesthetic posture treatment?

No. there is certain cases that cannot be treated, like people who have or suffers from:

. Obesity

. Anorexia

. Severe spinal arthritis

. Cancer

. Heart diseases

. Osteoporosis

. Congenital diseases

.  Depression (unless it is caused by their bad posture)

. Spinal fractures

. Bone infections

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14. What is the age category that can be treated?

The patient should be 15 years and older. He can be 90 years old, doesn’t matter, as long as he’s in good health but the older you are, the longer the treatment will be.

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15. Is it true that when you do esthetic posture treatment you get taller?

When your posture is corrected, your spine will become straight so automatically this will increase 3 to 5 cms to your height, so yes, esthetic posture treatments will make you taller.

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16. From which phase of the treatment can we start to see results?

The changes in your body will be noticeable from the second or third session and sometimes from the 1st session. It is that fast!

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17. When the treatment is finished, can we go back to having a bad posture again?

After the treatment is completed, you are required to do 1 easy exercise for life. It’s like brushing your teeth everyday to prevent having tooth decay. So you should take 5 minutes every day to do your two specific exercises to maintain your results.

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18. Is the treatment expensive?

Dr. Rayess has done esthetic posture treatment to many people, from university students to princesses. So, No the treatment is not expensive, it is affordable to all!

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19. Why women who do esthetic posture treatment, their breast become much bigger after the treatment?

Their breast doesn’t become bigger but it looks bigger when you have rounded shoulders, the breasts are down and flabby, but after the treatment, the shoulder positions are corrected backwards, so that what makes the pectoral muscles to be stretched upwards so the breast will be also in an upright position making them looking bigger, rounder and thicker like you had a breast lift operation.

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20. What happens during the first consultation?

On your first appointment, a full case history will be undertaken. You will be asked about your general health, past medical history, any current medication you are taking, your lifestyle, your work and sport activities. Then an osteopathic physical examination will be done, examining the posture, spine , joints, muscles… other tests such as taking blood pressure or reflexes will be performed if appropriate. Afterwards, a side picture will be taken of your posture (after your consent) to compare during and after the treatment is finished. Finally, a treatment plan will be discussed with you.

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21. Why should we do several sessions since we see the result from the first sessions?

Obtaining a straight back is easy to achieve with the Theraflex-Osteopathy treatment combination. But it takes time to fix the spine in this upright position.

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22. I have scoliosis in my back, as well as bad posture, can the treatment reduce my scoliosis?

If your age is between 15 and 45 years and you have a scoliosis that is less than 30 degree, not only the treatment will help your posture but it will practically cure your scoliosis. If your scoliosis is between 30 and 60 degrees, the treatment will reduce it.

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23. I don’t have any pain and my posture is good, can I still do the treatment to make it better?

In the first consultation, if the spinal tests are all negative and show no abnormality, no need to do the treatment!

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24. Since I started the Esthetic posture treatment, I’m starting to lose weight, without any diet, why is that?

Regardless of what the general public thinks, wearing a corset only makes thing worst than they already are! The corset will make the spine muscles weaker since it is doing the work of fixating the spine in an upright position, so the muscles will become atrophied and your posture will turn from bad to worst.

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