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Dr. Adel Rayess is an osteopath specializing in 21st century spinal care. His hands on approach to patient care, involve all aspects of life including food, exercise, work and home environment plus family dynamics. As much time is spent on a one-to-one basis with his patients. Dr. Rayess graduated from the University of Lugano in Switzerland with a G.P.A of 3.7/4 in 2004 and hes a member of the international scientific society of osteopathic medicine in Geneva.

Dr. Rayess studied with many of the pioneering osteopaths in Europe and continues to participate in seminars and courses in traditional osteopathy as well as every new world technology concerning spinal care.

Dr. Rayess has been practicing osteopathy and spine treatment in his private clinic since 2005, he has gained acclaim by treating professional athletes, well know musicians and actors, politicians, as well as presidents.

His treatments includes cutting-edge technology to determine the most accurate and effective approach to each patient. Dr. Rayess is the only osteopath in Middle East that uses the same treatment philosophy and medical equipments (Theraflex; spinal decompression; low level laser therapy and PBK electro therapy) that is being used and the biggest pain clinic in the world:Torvergarta hospital in Italy.

He specializes also in esthetic posture treatment that is being done by top models, singers, actors and celebrities to obtain the 21st century perfect posture to go along the modern looks!

World leader in 21st century spinal care